BIX Maintenance - Dataplex - 2017.08.23 0:00 CEST

23 August 2017 | Scheduled BIX Maintenance on Dataplex node at 2017.08.23 0:00 CEST (from tuesday to wednesday night)

We will do a software upgrade on the Dataplex BIX node, this work will cause some partial service outages.
The maintenance window is: 2017.08.23. (wednesday) 00:00 - 05:00 CEST (from tuesday to wednesday night).

The planned works:
- Software upgrade on the Dataplex BIX switches.
- Relocation of the secondary Route Server to a new hardware.

Affected members and services are:
Maximum 60 minutes outage on the secondary Route Server: (At this time the primary RS will be not affected!)
- Secondary BIX Route server - AS5507 - + 2001:7F8:35::5507:2

The following member ports, with planned outage: maximum 2x15 minutes in the time window:
- All ports at the Dataplex BIX node:

In case of additional questions, please send us an email.

Best Regards,
Janos Angeli

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