BIX MMR service

The purpose of the service is: to offer possibility for BIX members connect to other BIX members using our Optical Distribution Frame (ODF).

Technical requirements of using the BIX MMR (Meet Me Room)  services:

  1. The method of connection: in the computer room of BIX in Victor Hugo Street in ComScope (Tyco) cabinets on 12 or multiples of 12 SM cable Euro2000 APC surfaces.
  2. The user is responsible to build the connection between their own computer room to the BIX MMR. ISzT provides (at cost price) the necessary ODF places, pig tails and other tools for the cable termination in the MMR. Details are defined in BIX charter and in the BIX price list. (At the time of definition its cost price is: HUF150,000 + VAT for 12 SM cable)
    For the first 12 optical patches ISzT gives a discount for the new BIX partner. The rate of the discount is defined in the BIX charter. (New BIX partner is a BIX member which has not got yet more than 6 optical patch-cords in MMR.)
  3. Rules of creating and using connections in MMR
  • They may be used connection to BIX free of charge
  • For a one-off fee they may be used to connect to other BIX members without monthly fees
    • For the one—off fee ISzT provides the patch cable and builds the connection
    • The BIX administrator creates an identifier for this connection for references in the future
  • This connection will be maintained until the user’s further



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